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Dealing with insurance companies is a complicated process by itself, let alone working with their referral repair facilities. It doesn't always go perfectly smooth when working with these auto repair shops. Read these customer stories of unfortunate instances where insurance companies insisted their insurers use Referral Shops as opposed to independent garages like Pleasant Street Auto.

Insurance Horror Stories

"...My Insurance Company Steered Me from Pleasant St Auto to a referral shop and it was a nightmare."

"In May my Ford Focus was towed by Hampshire Towing to a storage lot adjacent to Pleasant Street Auto. I spoke with the body shop manager and decided to leave the vehicle there for the estimate of damages. My initial intention was to have Pleasant Street Auto do the repairs if the vehicle was not totaled...."



Share your story!

Have you been the victim of shoddy repair work at any repair shop? Have you suffered at the hands of insurance adjusters who just will not allow your vehicle to be repaired the right way? Send us your horror story. Pleasant Street Auto cares about unsafe repairs and will try to provide any assistance we can in helping resolve your auto body repair issue.

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