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Winter Driving Tips Brought to you Pleasant Street Auto!

Welcome to our Winter Driving Tips, part 1! All winter long we will be divulging the best tips to get you through this cold season in New England (or western Massachusetts, as we are! Or any where the cold can get intense!).

Have you spoken to your mechanic abou the best tires to get you through the winter? It's important to understand your vehicle's limitations in heavy rain, snow, ice, and slush. Not only does this affect your car's performance, but it can keep you safe on the road, and that is beneficial to everyone (not to mention the most important factor!). A quick stop at your mechanical shop & your car will get a check-over to see how your car will perform this winter. They will determine your need for snow tires, if your tires need air in them, or if you need a new set of wheels. Don't put your safety into another drivers' hands; be prepared for the conditions you're bound to face! Drive safely, friends!

As always, please comment or email us with any questions. We are happy to help!


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